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**Award Winning** Galaxy of Ghosts: Introduction

Description: In 22nd century mankind started exploring deep space. Research spaceships searching for new planets and alien life. And they finally found something that could be answer for all our questions, endless source of energy. Many people, corporations, bandits want to be the first to have it. But they don't know what they really have found. So, the story begins.

I'm a student and a fan of CGI and VFX. I have self-studied 3D graphics and animation. And I decided to make my previous work more complicated and narrative. All models, animation and other I have done by myself. I hope you enjoy watching this. Also I've made some posters)

For this film I used Maya 2016, Substance Painter for texturing, Renderman and Redshift for rendering, After Effects for compositing, Premiere Pro for video and audio editing. For this I used one PC Acer TC-220 (a bit modified with 16 Gb RAM and Nvidia GT 730).

Galaxy of Ghosts: Introduction (Sci-fi CGI short film by Serge Patlai)